Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wordle of the Day

Every now and then I stumble accross something interesting on the internet. Sometimes I find it by accident and sometimes I find things cool on someone else's blog. So here is the coolest thing I found so far....A WORDLE!

What is a wordle? A Wordle is a program that searches a webpage or website for the msot common words and uses these words to make a piece of art (i.e. the above). I used to create above.

The best part of all about wordle is you just simply enter your blog or website address, and click the "Submit" button. Within seconds of clicking "Submit" a "Wordle" of that page will appear! With the results feel free to click on the "Random" button which will cause the Wordle program to change the colours, orientation and font of your Wordle creation. Finally, once the final creation is obtained, it can be archived in's gallery and linked to in blogs and websites quite easily by copying and pasting the html code.

For my "Wordle" I used this blog's web address ( Next I used the "Random" buttom until I found just the right colour combination, font size, and other items that seemed "just right" for my tastes. My Wordle I felt should be a simple black and white creation that would provide some synergy to the blue surroundings found on my blog.

Overall, is quite the nifty item!

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