Pirate's Sword

Props required: flashlight, blindfold and Keys (on a key ring).
A person is selected to sit in the middle of a circle blindfolded with the keys placed behind them. The person in the circle holds a flashlight in their hand to use as the Pirate’s sword. This game is best played in a semi lit room in order for the flashlight to work properly.
While the person (Pirate) in the circle is blindfolded, the teacher quietly selects a player. To keep the game fun, the selected player should not be identified to the Pirate until after the round is complete.
The player quietly, from their spot in the circle, has to try and get the keys and return to the circle before the Pirate in the middle can shoot them with a flashlight (Pirate’s sword). The Pirate in the middle has only three chances to get the player with the sword. The game ends when either the player returns to the circle with the keys or the Pirate successfully shoots the player with the flashlight.