Human Knot

Standing in a circle, group members reach across and take two different people’s hands (see photo).
The group then tries to unravel the "human knot" by unthreading their bodies without letting go of each other people's hands.
However, because each occasion is unique, there are also odd times when a very fast solution falls out - too easy. In such cases, you ask a group to try the task again - its usually a bit harder second time around.
Occasionally, the task seems too hard and participants seem to make almost no progress. Let them struggle for about ten minutes, then you can offer the group one unclasp and reclasp - they need to discuss and decide what unclasp-reclasp would be most useful.
Variation: If you have more than fifteen people, split the group into two and see which group can accomplish this task the fastest.
  • The game is a great ice breaker game.
  • The game is great team building game as it helps people to learn to work together to solve a problem.