Down by the Bay

The leader sings the first and the rest of the group sings the repeat as shown below. If only one is shown, the group and leader sings together.
Down by the bay…down by the bay,
Where the watermelons grow…where the watermelons grow.
Back to my home…back to my home.
I dare not go…I dare not go,
For if I do…for if I do
My mother would say…my mother would say:
“Did you ever see a cow with a green-eyebrow, down by the bay?”
  • A bee with a sunburn knee?
  • A bear in his underwear?
  • A swan with a fur coat on?
  • A rat in a stovepipe hat?
  • A moose with his front tooth loose?
  • A turtle wearing a girdle?
  • Campers wearing their pampers?
  • A skunk sleeping in a bunk?
  • A pig doing a jig?
  • A rhino kissing a dino?
  • A song that lasts so long?