Doggy Doggy whose got your Bone?

The children sit in a circle. A child is selected to sit in the middle of the circle to be “the doggy.”
The children sitting in the circle hide their eyes and put their hands behind their back. The teacher walks around the circle and places an object (i.e. small ball, etc.) in the hands of one of the campers in the circle. Next, the children sing:
Doggy doggy whose got your bone?
Somebody stole it from your home.
Guess who, maybe you.
Maybe the monkey from the zoo.
Wake up doggy find your bone,
When you find it take it home.
After the song has been sung, the doggy has to guess who has the object (the bone). The doggy has three guesses. Each time a guess is made the person in the circle either shows them their empty hands or, if correct, the bone. The person with the bone usually switches places with the person in the circle and the game starts again until everyone has had a turn.