Catholic School Board Interview

The following is an excerpt from an interview held during the 2002 hiring year of the Toronto Catholic District School Board for a Secondary School position.
Background Information:
  • interviewed by a panel (someone from the personnel department, a principal and a priest)
  • each person asks you specific questions.
  • issues: literacy, the new curriculum, committees for peer tutoring, building community, bridging courses, academic/applied, accommodation vs. modification.
  • if you have a portfolio, bring it.
1. How did you prepare yourself to become a Catholic teacher.
2. Tell me about yourself as a teacher.
3. In your practicum or in some other teaching experience, have you had a chance to incorporate religious gospel values into your lessons?
4. Think of a teaching unit, topic or lesson - how would you go about delivering it to the class?
5. How would you assess and evaluate the unit, topic or lesson?
6. What modifications would you make for ESL students and special needs students?
7. What methods of evaluation would you successfully employ to gauge student achievement?
8. How would you describe your approach to classroom management?
9. How do you establish an atmosphere of learning?.
10. What interests, expertise or talents do you bring to the school?
11. How do you deal with a conflict between students.
12. What qualities make you a team member with the staff?